Compassion, Integrity and Expertise in
Pediatric Home Health Care

Your children matter so much to you. We share your compassion especially when your child is medically fragile. Let us be there for you to help manage your child's health. Our services include but are not limited to the following specializations:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Nutrition/Obesity Program
  • Client & Family Education
Contact Information
Address: 5500 East Loop 820
South, Suite 111
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
(817) 563-LIFE (5433)
(817) 563-5435
[email protected]
Welcome to PediaLife Home Health, Inc.

PediaLife Home Health, Inc. is a pediatric home health agency that specializes in private duty nursing for premature babies and medically fragile children. We provide highly skilled staff for patients who require virtually any specialized care, including ventilators, tracheostomies, and infusion therapy.

PediaLife Home Health, Inc. is strictly pediatric-based and offers the highest level of compassion, integrity, and clinical expertise, all focused on the care of your child. Every parent shares the responsibility of keeping their own child safe from harm and as healthy as possible. However, such circumstances are not always easy to achieve. A professional’s helping hand can make a difference when you find yourself in such a situation. Get help from Pediatric Care experts at PediaLife Home Health, Inc. To us, your little one counts!

Whether you are a family member looking to ensure that your little one receives the best possible care, or you are a nurse looking to join a dynamic group of professionals you have found the place – PediaLife Home Health, Inc.

To apply online, please fill out our employment form. You can also call us at (817) 563- LIFE (5433).

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